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Trade routes in the early game


At the beginning of a new game, without any own production buildings and only a few goods tradeable, you do not have a lot options to make money.



The excommunication of a town will have negative effects in Rise of Venice.

Ingame Notes


A feature I always missed in Port Royale or Patrician has been introduced with Rise of Venice.

Prevent sabotages


Is there a way to prevent sabotages in Rise of Venice.

Pirates are useful


Alike Port Royale 3 and Patrician IV pirates can be extremely useful in Rise of Venice too.

Areas with high pirate activity


In some areas of Rise of Venice you will stumble upon pirates more often than in others.

Tolerate plundering


From time one of your convoys will be plundered by pirates - nothing bad.

Hints on naval battles


You can fight naval battles automatically or manually guided.

The character of pirates


Pirates are an early threat for unarmed convoys in Rise of Venice.

Lending money


You where able to lend money Patrician 2, and you are able to do so in Rise of Venice.

How to find misison goals on the open sea


Rise of Venice offers you many missions which only include approximate positions targets.



Is a marriage worthwhile in Rise of Venice?

Settle in Genoese towns early


As merchant from Venice you are not a welcome person in Genoa and its allies.

Worthwhile familiy members


You can assign familiy members different task in Rise of Venice. Some of them are very useful.

Fast trade


There is a very helpful trick in Rise of Venice to trade faster.

Hire the crew


How to hire the crew for convoys?

Maximum number of ships/ convoys


How many ships can you own in Rise of Venice?

Building businesses is reducing your reputation


Taking a closer look at the development of your reputation in the senat, you will realise that building businesses sometimes reduces your reputation.

How big can towns get


The town size is limited in Rise of Venice.

Bribing the senate


Sometimes it is useful to bribe members of the senat, sometines it is a must.